Planning for your Shoot

So you’ve decided to make a wise investment in yourself and your image.

Great choice.

As the wide words once spoken, if you fail to plan you plan to fail!

We leave nothing to chance here at Arts Photography and ensure that before you step foot in our friendly headshot studio we get to know you ,your needs and how we can create the perfect headshot images for you.

It all starts with a pre shoot consultation to start the ball rolling way before it’s lights, camera action!

Pre Shoot Consultation

We know you take your image seriously, and crafting the perfect set of headshots that tell your story, is not just about clicking the shutter and hoping for the best. Our team of friendly professional headshot photographers are on hand to give you all the advice you need in the lead up to your shoot.

It all starts with your pre shoot consultation, is a 10 minute phone call with you to help us understand your exact requirements before you come to the studio. In a way it’s of benefit to both us.

We’ll be getting to know exactly what sort of images you want to create, the kind of colours and backgrounds that will best support your needs and effectively communicate your message, and the wardrobe choices to help your headshots be the very best they can be.

A brilliantly crafted headshot session is not just about your smile, or your expression. It’s about what you wear, how you come across, your overall presentation.

Our advice will depend on the sort of images you are looking to create and the end purpose you most need them for.

This is an important part of the process and one which will help you to relax and fully enjoy your headshot experience with us.

What to wear/bring

With over 2 decades of studio experience and thousands of headshot portraits created, we know that what you choose to bring to your session has the potential to make or break your images.

Your outfit should be carefully selected to enhance your look and make you feel comfortable and relaxed in front of camera. It should also be appropriate to the end usage for which your headshot is intended.

Photographs contain energy! Yes it’s true. So, you have to be happy and at peace with the outfit selection you bring to your headshot session.

Bringing a wide variety of colours and options to your session will help your photographer choose what works best for you.

Try to bring a mixture of formal and informal, casual and smart so we can work though as many options and choices for you. More selection of images means you have a greater chance of ending up with images that you love!

When it comes to hair and make up, its usually a good advice to go the hairdresser for styling either a day before or even on the morning of your shoot. This will help to keep your look fresh and energized, which will come across on camera.  We do have make up and hair stylists available on request priced at £99 per session.

Before your shoot you will receive a full guide on wardrobe tips, preparing for your shoot and getting ready to ensure your shoot is the best it can possibly be.

Its time for action! Click on “The Shoot” tab to see what happens at your shoot

Your Shoot

Time for action! If you’re nervous or worried about what your shoot entails, it’s perfectly normal, and we totally understand. If you’re like most people, the thought of having your photographs taken, can be a little bit daunting and nerve racking!

What we find is that literally within the first few minutes of the shoot the nerves will fade and turn to excitement, as our friendly team will help you to feel relaxed and at ease. The process is great fun and your energy will be reflected in your images so relax!

Our airy and comfortable studio is fully equipped with all the latest swiss lighting technology, high end Digital SLR camera bodies and top of the range L series Pro lenses for ultimate image quality.

We’ll make you a delicious cuppa on arrival and you’ll get to know your photographer who will make you feel most welcome.

When its time to step on set you’ll already be feeling relaxed and comfortable.

With our multi set studio and background choices, your photographer will guide you through the range of subtle poses and instructions to ensure we get the very best results.

You’ll be left in full privacy between outfit changes and you’ll even have the chance to have a sneak preview of some of your images on our large wall mounted monitor display, to ensure we are on the right track to creating your ultimate headshots.

Next your images are sent to our team of expert image retouchers.


Like a great cake, the end result is not in just the ingredients but also in the baking.

Once your images have been shot in studio you can relax in the knowledge that our expert retouch team will be on hand to add the stunning finishing touches.

The aim here is not to make you look like someone you’re not (unless you want us to!) but rather to use the subtle art of high end image retouching to gently enhance your collection of images, through cropping, exposure, lighting and understated image enhancement. You’ll be amazed when you see the end result.

Any you can do that all from the comfort of your armchair when you view your online gallery

Your Online Viewing Experience

It’s time to view your images, what you’ve been waiting for.

We understand that viewing your headshots should be a very personal and private experience. That’s why there’s no dark viewing rooms or pushy salespeople.

We use one of the world’s leading online viewing platforms with your own safe and secure privately passworded access for you to take the time to select your favourites.

Fully mobile optimized, your images will look stunning whether you choose to view them from your mobile phone, I pad or desktop PC.

You’ll be able to mark your favorites, view them in black and white, download your files or even share the watermarked version on social media to get your friends opinions first! Always worth a second opinion!

Image Delivery

We know that most clients need their images quickly. That’s why when you’ve made your final choices we have a 72 hour turnaround time to get everything ready for you.

Digital files are downloadable instantly once you’ve chosen the ones you want so you can start showcasing your new headshots to the world.


Here at Yorkshire Headshots we don’t believe in charging for upfront session fees, so you only pay for the images you LOVE!

All we require is a fully refundable £20 booking deposit when you book your session online

Prices are per image with golf level editing, high resolution JPEG and full copyright with unlimited use as follows

1 Image
2 Images
£139 (you save 20%)
3 Images
£199 (you save 23%)
4 Images
£247 (you save 29%)
5 Images
£297 (you save 31%)
6 Images
£349 (you save 33%)
7 Images
£389 (you save 36%)
8 Images
£449 (you save 35%)
9 Images
£469 (you save 40%)
10 Images
£499 (you save 42%)
The Works: All your images
Your 100% Guarantee

Choosing and entrusting a photographer to capture your headshots is a big decision and we fully understand this,

Our aim at Arts Photography is to ensure that you are fully delighted with the end result. If this is not the case, we have failed you

In this case, we would offer you the option of a free reshoot at the studio, or alternatively a no quibble 100% money back guarantee. We cant say fairer than this, and this removes all the risk from you so you can leave us to ensure your images are the absolute best they can be.

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Professional Make Up & Hair Stylist 
Want to make your images the bomb? We can provide brilliant make up and hair stylists for just £99 per session.

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